Lawn Care

Ensure that your lawn always looks its very best with routine yard maintenance from McCoy Inc. Lawn & Landscape. Backed by more than 15 years of experience, our crew tailors a custom maintenance program unique to your lawn. You simply won’t find personal service on this level anywhere else.

Full-Service Lawn Care

Typical maintenance includes edging, weeding, and mowing, as well as any individual requests you may have. Our crew offers residential and commercial maintenance on the same day every week, weather permitting. No contract is ever required.

Lawn Aeration

We highly recommend having lawn aeration done twice a year—in the fall and spring—so that your yard can adequately absorb nutrients. Lawn aeration promotes good root health by letting water, air, and other essentials reach areas that need it most.


We have the most comprehensive cleanup service around as we offer a spring clean up and a fall cleanup.

Our spring cleanup includes blowing or raking leaves from landscape beds, trimming back any plants that require it at that time, cleaning leaves and debris from window wells and any corners where they have collected over the winter, picking up any sticks or debris from lawn, finished with standard mowing.

Bed Maintenance

Our crew offers a wide variety of bed mainenance services that range from laying mulch and rock, to eco friendly rubber. We will also handle the weed barrier, trimming/Pruning plants, and the cleaning or weeding of beds. The mulching we provide for your flowerbeds prevents weeds from growing in the first place.


Call us today to schedule an on-site consultation. Owner Jeremy McCoy will meet with you to discuss your individualized lawn care package and provide you with a free estimate.